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Revelation Today

The Revelation Today Series was presented in October, 2015, from the ICCM Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Pastor John Bradshaw, Speaker/Director of It Is Written Television Ministries, presented this dynamic series.

You can watch each evening’s presentation by clicking on the links below.


1 - Can God Be Trusted?

2 - Seeing the Signs#

3 - Is There Hope For a Planet in Crisis?

4 - The Messiah and the Judgment

5 - The Second Coming of Jesus

6 - Peace on Earth

7 - Quality Time

8 - The Day That Disappeared

9 - The Mystery of Death

10 - Revelation’s Lake of Fire

11 - The Mystery Beast of Revelation

12 - The United States in Bible Prophecy

13 - The Mark of the Beast

14 - Buried and Forgotten by God

15 - Living Life to the Full

16 - The Fall of Babylon

17 - In Search of the Church

18 - The Man God Tried to Kill

19 - The Work of the Spirit


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