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As many of you are aware of by now, the Governor of NC has extended the phase 2 reopening for the state another three weeks, and has made it a requirement to wear a face covering in public places, but yet has also stated that the first amendment right to freedom of religion and the free exercise there of is still allowable. As such, I am going asking the church members to be considerate of others and their concerns over the present health issue we are all facing together. While the overall numbers for Cherokee County have been and continue to be low, and therefore it does not seem like the threat of heightened infections of COVID that are being experienced elsewhere is not as prevalent here, I would still like to suggest that church members consider utilizing a cloth face covering for sabbath services as much as possible. Mine you, I am not requiring this measure, but simply asking you to consider this option. For those of you that are not able to join us for worship, the services will still be streamed online as they have been for the past several months. I understand that many of us are more than tired of all these extra measures we are having to take, and we are all wanting things to get back to "normal" whatever that is. Let us be patient and considerate, and move forward in love and peace with the Holy Spirit. Hope you all are able to have a Happy Sabbath.

Pastor Craig Fish


The Church at Work TODAY

We will not be having a potluck dinner after the services today. Several are joining together and having a picnic lunch under pavilion #2 at Konehete Park. All are welcome to join. Just bring your own picnic lunch.

Today’s tithes and offerings will be collected by the deacons at the back door to prevent the passing around of the offering plates. Today’s offering is for Local Church Budget. Next week’s offering is for Oakwood/Andrews/Loma Linda Universities

Prayer meeting will be meeting this week at 6:00 pm on Wednesday evening.

Set your alarms and join us for prayer time at 6:30pm on Sunday via conference call. Phone number is 425-436-6200; access number is 378593.


MACS will be in need of disinfecting wipes such as Clorox Disinfecting Wipes this upcoming year. It has been difficult to purchase these. Every so often though, the stores have had these products. If you are ever at one of these stores buying your supplies, and these products are available, could you make a donation to the school by purchasing an extra package?

MACS is also in the process of a Rada Cutlery Fundraiser, which is all done online. You may go to the link: to look at various products and to make an order.

School will be starting up at MACS in just a few weeks on August 10th, and we currently still have children in need of sponsorship for the upcoming year at MACS in grades Pre-K through 8 that do not qualify for the NC Scholarship program. You may go to the church website to find out more info.

MACS would like to thank everyone for your help from donations, volunteering, or even purchasing at this past Sunday’s yard sale.  It was a great turnout!  The school will now begin to accept yard sale items for their future yard sales.  If you have questions, please contact Tracey Grove.


Puzzlebooks, coloring books, and word searches can all be dropped off at Murphy Nursing Home in their drop off box in front of the facility, or you may bring them to church and Corky can deliver them.

Murphy Rehabilitation and Nursing

3992 East Highway 64 Alt

Murphy, NC 28906


Due to the influence of COVID-19 around the nation, the memorial service for Elvin West at the Murphy SDA Church has been delayed until further notice.

 Upcoming Events


 Sabbath Service

Sabbath School class in the Sanctuary this Sabbath, and then Worship Service inside in the Sanctuary.  We still want to use some cautions due to some COVID-19 cases still in Cherokee County and the surrounding counties, so we encourage entering in the front door, and use some spacing as you are seated. When leaving, please exit out the side door of the churchThe elders and deacons will also be requested to use some extra sanitary procedures as we begin to return.  There is also a hand sanitizer mounted next to the front door you are welcome to use.  You are welcome to wear a face mask if you would like, but it is not required.  Instead of the offering plates being passed around from person-to-person, plans are being made to have a deacon at the back doors to collect the offering.

Also, as a reminder, there will be no sort of potluck meal after the Worship Service

We hope to see each of you and join together to worship the Lord this Sabbath! 

If you are not able to attend you can still join us online.




Members Information

The July Worship Roster and Calendar are posted in the Member's log in area. 

05/21/2020 - Volunteers Needed for Outreach

The Murphy Nursing and Rehab is still on lock down, residents haven't seen family or had visitors in a long time.   We would like to go and sing outside the windows to let them know they are not forgotten and are loved.   We would do this on a Sabbath afternoon after Church services.  If you would like to volunteer please click here.  


We would like to say  Congratulations to Jessica Hughes who has been named "Teacher of Year" at Hayesville Elementary School .   Thank you Jessica for all you do! We Love you.   Click here to see full announcement