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Seventh-day Adventist Church Headquarters
      General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
      North American Division
      Georgia-Cumberland Conference

      Adventist Information Ministry
      Adventist Media Library
      Adventist Plusline
      Ellen G. White Estate
      Center for Adventist Research

      Adventist News Network

      Atlanta Adventist Academy (AAA)
      Andrews University
      Georgia-Cumberland Academy
      Griggs University (formerly Home Study International)
      Loma Linda University
      Southern Adventist University

      Adventist Health
      Gordon Hospital
      Kettering Medical Center
      Loma Linda University Medical Center

Publications (Books, magazines, videos, supplies, etc)
      Adventist Review
      Adventist Book Center
      Andrews University Press
      Guide Magazine
      Insight Magazine
      Liberty Magazine
      Pacific Press
      Review and Herald Publishing Association
      SIGNS Magazine
      The Seventh Day: Revelations From the Lost Pages of History
      Vibrant Life Magazine
      Women of Spirit Magazine
Ministries and Services
      3ABN Televison
      Adventist Community Services
      Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
      Adventist-laymen's Service and Industries (ASI)
      Adventist World Radio
      Amazing Facts
      Biblical Research Institute
      The Carter Report:  Pastor John Carter
      Christian Record -Services for the Blind
      Collegedale Credit Union
      Geoscience Research Institute
      It Is Written
      LifeTalk Radio
      Lifestyle Magazine (TV)
      North American Division Evangelism Institute
      The Quiet Hour
      Trust Services
      Voice of Prophecy
      Uchee Pines Institute
      Weimar Institute
      Wildwood Lifestyle Center

Sabbath School
      SSNET--Adult Sabbath School Lessons
      Real-Time Faith Sabbath School Lessons for Ages 12 - 14

      Heritage Singers
      Morning Song Music

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