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Project Shield

In 2016, retired pastor Austin Goodwin from Virginia met with a church in Apison, TN. He explained the need for personal feminine kits for young girls in Kenya and other nations. (Similar to the national organization "Days for Girls")

In July of 2017, two ladies from the Murphy Seventh Day Adventist Church met with the ladies of the Apison Church to learn how the kits were made and the need for these kits worldwide. After returning from their trip they met with the women of their local Church and the "Project Shield" program was started in Murphy.  The entire project is funded by donations and is running strong in Murphy due to God's many blessings.

These kits are secured in colorful drawstring carry bags and packed with washable protective shields, menstrual pads, washcloths, underwear, clothespins, zip lock baggies, and instruction sheets. Each kit is designed to sustain up to two years of use with proper cleaning.

In Kenya, a girl can miss up to 36 percent of school days each year because of natural body function. Through this project young girls in these nations would no longer miss classes for a week each month. They would no longer be isolated in smelly huts until their cycle ended. Disease, death, and human trafficking could be greatly reduced. 

In one years time the Murphy group has produced 400 kits that were later distributed by mission groups from Southern Adventist University.  There is a great need for "Project Shield" that can help young girls around the world, join us by donating supplies, time, money, or by sharing our project to others to help them discover this ministry.  If you would like to get involved contact us by clicking here!


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