Murphy Seventh Day Adventist Church

Loving God, Loving Each Other, Serving our Community

Prayer Requests

Tim Gaffey.
Lewis Oliver.
Judy Crawford. 
Bill Cook.
Roy Stalcup.- loss of wife
Sue Stalcup.
Wayne in Colorado- has cancer and is taking chemo. 
Deni, Beth (health also), Lauren, and Patty- all for salvation. 
Jim's sister, Leah- 80 years old, her loss, loneliness, health, and salvation. 
Matt Collins.
Scott Collins. 
Maria Collins. 
Brittany S.
Pastor Craig's father- Covid-19 positive. 
Bill and Joanne Moyer. 
Ronnie and Barbara Jordan. 
Ellen Schwartz. 
Becky Wood. 
Ron and Cheryl Barber. 

All church families. 


Our government. - Leadership

Nursing home residents.

Neighbors and coworkers.

Doctors and Nurses, Medical Personnel and their Families

How God can use  us / Covid 19 for his Glory - winning souls

Wake his people/ call to action

Those  affected financially 

Radio and TV Ministry


Pastor Fish and Family




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